2018 2nd International Conference on Simulation, Modeling and Optimization (CSMO 2018)

Initial Paper Submission

A Rough Guide for Authors

This guideline has been drafted for several reasons and based on typical errors researchers make when drafting conference papers. First, unless told how do you know the standard and style expected, not just layout and spacing’s of the paper. Secondly, why put effort into doing something if it will need changing and finally it will help you with all other papers you write. Finally, reviewers keep seeing the same errors and may reject an otherwise suitable paper.
Let us start by considering the references. Your research is leading edge, first to review, experiment or calculate at this level or type of problem. Leading edge work needs current references. As a rule of thumb half your reference should be no older than 4 years. Indeed, most less than 2 years on an ideal and thorough paper. Old ones, if seminal, can be used. For example, if the subject is Quality then any of the classic Guru’s works from the 1950s are acceptable. The split of references should be from conferences and journals, about 50%, books and internet the rest. Technical papers and Government papers, i.e., Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) crash reports are acceptable. Imagine, if most are 2012 or older, and many others just internet based what does that say about the quality of the literature review. (read more)

Submission Method 1: Send the paper to csmo@apise.org


Submission Method 2: Electronic Submission System


Abstract Template (for Presenter )


Full Paper Template ( for Author)


Any question about submission, please contact the conference secretary at csmo@apise.org.












Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline


Apr. 10, 2018
Full paper submission Deadline (Author) Apr. 10, 2018

Special Session : Simulation, Modeling and Optimization. If you are interested in, feel free to submit your paper and contact us !